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Academy Nurse Aide Classes

Jump-start your career in the healthcare industry with the help of Brighter Light Health Academy LLC

Become a State Tested Nursing Assistant.

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Payment Plan/Funding Available
3 Week Classes Available

Classes are available during Day/Evening/Weekends

Tuition: $625.00
State Test: $100.00

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  • State Tested Nurse Aide Training
  • DODD Medication Administration and Health-Related Activities to Unlicensed Personnel
  • CPR
  • AED
  • First Aid Training
Brighten your future, become an STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide), and enter the medical field through our help.

Brighter Light Health Academy LLC


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Brighter Light Health Academy LLC is a community-based nurse aide training academy geared toward individuals seeking to work in the healthcare industry. We offer health classes on a short-term basis which can help you jump start your career by serving others.

People today are living longer and there is a great need for people with a heart to help those who are in need. If you are that person, we can help you meet your goals. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today, come brighten your future with Brighter Light Health Academy LLC.

We have healthcare trainers and professionals who have years of experience working in the healthcare field. Each one of them is committed and dedicated to sharing their expertise and knowledge in the industry by providing quality classroom instruction and hands-on classes.


Brighter Light Health Academy LLC‘s mission focuses on helping individuals make a career change by offering health training over a short period of time to help them jump-start their career in the healthcare industry.


We are committed to providing our students with the key to unlock their future and to brighten their lives, including the life of others by serving those in need.


  • You can change your career in less than 1 month (3 weeks).
  • You can get qualified to work in the medical field in less than a month (3 weeks).


  • State Tested Nurse Aide Training
  • DODD Medication Administration and Health-Related Activities to Unlicensed Personnel
  • CPR
  • AED
  • First Aid Training

STNA Training

The STNA Training is a 75-hour Ohio Department of Health approved class. Students will have 59 hours of classroom lecture and lab in addition to 16 hours of hands-on clinical experience in a long-term care facility. Classes are small with a warm environment for learning and growing. Classes are offered day, evenings, and weekends upon availability.

Class Requirements

  • Students must be 16 years or older with the ability to read, write, and do math at 9th grade level.
  • Have a recent health physical and a step 2 TB test. All students are required to complete a BCI Back Ground check.
  • White uniform and white shoes are required for class and state testing.
Cost: $525.00 Tuition / $75.00 application fee (non-refundable)
Payment plans / Funding is available

DODD Medication Administration & Health Related Activities to Unlicensed Personnel
Category #1, #2, #3

This program prepares unlicensed DD personnel to learn the proper techniques to prepare, administer, and document medication and other health-related activities to DD clients.

Students interested in this program must pass a background check and have a high school diploma or GED. Students are required to perform return demonstration and documentation of the health-related activities presented.

Upon completion, students are required to pass a written exam with 80% or higher to receive certification.

DODD Curriculum #1 Medication Administration

Medication certification 1 is 14 hours of instructional training that prepares unlicensed DD personnel the proper techniques to administer medications via oral, ear, eye, nose, topical, rectal, vaginal, sublingual routes. Students are also trained on the correct way to document medication.

DODD Curriculum #2 Tube Feeding G/J Tubes

Medication certification 2 is 4 hours of instructional time that prepares unlicensed DD personnel the proper techniques to administer and documentation of tube feeding by gastrointestinal and jejunum route.

DODD Curriculum #3 Insulin Administration

Medication certification 3 is 4 hours of instructional time that prepare unlicensed DD personnel the proper techniques to administer insulin.

Health-related Activities

The student will also learn how to perform health-related activities such as obtaining and recording of vital signs. Checking blood sugar with a glucometer machine, oral suctioning, and application of a dry dressing, external urinary catheter care, and collection of urine specimens by non-invasive means. It also includes learning how to empty and replace a colostomy bag and measure the intake and output.

Classes are based on the number of participants.

Cost: Cert #1- $75.00/ Cert #2 – $45.00/ Cert # 3 – $45.00

CPR, AED, and First Aid Training

Your knowledge of the chain of survival and the ability to initiate CPR may help improve one’s
survival in a cardiovascular event. EMS Safety CPR, AED, and First Aid classes are being offered for the home community and workplace. These classes are offered monthly and on the bases of availability.

First Aid

Students are taught how to treat common first aid emergencies, head, neck, back injuries, cuts, burns, and bleeding.


Students train how to respond to cardiac arrest, choking, breathing emergencies in adult, infant, and children. Students are trained to use the automated external defibrillator (AED).

Cost: $50.00

To enroll in one of our classes, please complete the necessary details below.
Note: We limit our number of students to eight. May it exceed, the rest of the enrollees are automatically added to the waiting list.